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Create Tech-Life Balance in Your Family: Less time plugged in, more parental control, deeper family connection.

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Does it seem like your child is constantly plugged into a device?

Are you concerned they're addicted to video-games, social media, or other technology?

Do you dream of achieving a healthy balance with technology for your entire family but you don't know where to start?

You CAN solve this problem.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Nothing seems to work. No matter what you do to get your child off their device, it doesn't seem effective. You feel discouraged.
  • You don't know what will replace technology. You ask your child if they’d like to do something...anything...other than play video games or surf the web. They look at you like you're nuts for asking, and refuse to change their habits.
  • Your not around 24/7 to monitor your child. You're at work, knowing that your child is home from school playing video games or zoning out on their phones. And you're stuck feeling frustrated that you can’t be home to monitor the situation.
  • You're confused with all the contradictory information. Some days you feel like the tech situation is out of hand and other days you wonder if it's just normal? It's completely confusing.
  • You're afraid of your child's reaction. You know how angry your child will be when you enforce new rules around technology use, and you aren't sure how to handle this.
  • You don't understand the appeal. You wonder how your daughter became so obsessed with social media. It seems like such a waste of time, self-centered, and completely pointless and it baffles you that she wants to be on it all the time.
  • You realize the entire family uses technology too much. You notice the house is silent, but everyone is home. And you look around to see that every single person is staring at their device… no one is talking about their day...they're more interested in their online worlds that the real world right in front of them.

Did you raise your hand to any of these? Great. You're in the right place!


So how do you get from where you are now, to where you want to be?

Here's your solution: From Tech to Connect.

From Tech To Connect is my step-by-step online course that guides you straight into you dreams of achieving better tech-life balance in your family by utilizing effective parenting strategies. I’ll teach you exactly how to approach the technology battles in your home so that you can let go of feeling frustrated, discouraged and concerned, and step into confidence and control as a parent.

Imagine that right? Confidence and control.

It feels good just saying it!

But I am not just talking about any kind of control (especially not aggressive & authoriarian). What I really mean is that you can find a way to effectively parent and manage what is happening in your household and at the same time, build positive connection.

Because this is what it’s really about isn’t? It’s about relationships. About enjoying your time with each other (and in life, really). You have a short window of time with you kids at home, so why not make it connecting and enjoyable?

And we all know what's NOT enjoyable don't we? Yelling. Fighting. Irritation and frustration. Discouragement and resentment. Disconnection.

Yes, we've all been there, but you can certainly choose another way.

Take a moment and imagine if your situation was different. What would it be like to...

✔ feel confident in how you manage the way your kids use technology and set healthy limits for your family

✔ trust that your kids are making responsible choices relating to technology

✔ feel connected to your children and enjoy their company

✔ have confidence that you can enjoy the benefits of technology without it becoming out of balance

assert yourself as a parent and establish firm rules and boundaries without becoming overly angry or aggressive

know that you are modelling healthy tech-life balance

I can promise you 2 things (yes, it's a guarantee!)...

1. You will reduce how much time your child spends engaging with technology (what I call "tech-time"). Whether they are gaming for hours on end, staying up into the wee hours of the morning browsing social media, or just simply plugged in to something all the time - you can change this.

2. You will feel more in control as a parent with how you are managing technology use within your home. With this course, you can learn how to regain your calm, clear, and loving sense of control and guide your family back into balance.


Here are other ways you'll benefit...

Build understanding. Learn why your child wants to spend so much time plugged into technology and how your family has ended up in this situation. You’ll see how individual and contextual factors make it confusing to see the situation clearly.

✔ Improve your relationship with your child. I’ll help you get on the same page as your child so that you can make sure to connect while you correct, instead of driving a wedge between the two of you and causing unnecessary conflict.

✔ Feel relief and confidence. This course offers a simple, clear and actionable plan to reduce how much time your child spends plugged into technology - no guessing, no trial and error. The research is all done for you, the system is there, so no more sifting through information and wondering where to start.

✔ Generate an accurate and honest perspective. While this is often challenging, I’ll help you determine the severity of your child’s tech use, and if/where the negative impacts are appearing. You’ll develop a very clear starting point so that you can measure change and know exactly how much progress you’re making. No more guessing or hoping.

✔ Learn essential parenting skills. There are crucial for making lasting changes in the family and will help you in every aspect of parenting. These skills are imperative to being able to implement changes with technology use and will carry you through common difficulties like managing conflict, asserting boundaries, and building connection.

✔ Replace guilt with confidence, pride, and motivation. You’ll be able to let go of any guilt you may have about your family's situation because you’re taking direct action to solve the problem. You’ll feel empowered, motivated, confident, and proud of your parenting decisions. Feelings of hopelessness will evaporate and you’ll notice motivation, encouragement, and clarity instead.

✔ Improve your tech-life balance too. Maybe it’s becoming more mindful, using tech less, or adding some tech-etiquette to your daily routine. Whatever it is, I know that you’ll feel honest and humbled as you go through this process with your family. I’ll challenge you at times to take a look at how the family is doing as a whole, and specifically how each person engages with technology.


What's Included in the Course?


I'll be guiding your through 4 modules. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Each module has 2 video lessons


The start to any meaningful and lasting change is education and awareness building so that you are in the best position to take action. Think of this as laying the foundation for your house: everything rests on this! In this module you'll learn all about why technology has become a problem, how your family got here, and what's really underneath your child's behaviour. You'll also establish a baseline for change by measuring what's really going on for your child.


The lessons in this module will shift your thinking beyond the problem and toward what you really want for yourself and your family. This goes further than "less technology" and includes important aspects of your family members' lives (like joy, connection, activities, relationships, health) that are likely impacted by overusing tech. I'll help you get crystal clear about what your desired end-point looks like so you can focus your hard work in a meaningful direction.


Looking for specific strategies and a clear guide about what to do to solve this problem? You got it. In these lessons I show you the essential tools that I guarantee will get you to your goals. I cover core parenting skills that not only address challenges with technology use but also apply to most other difficult situations with your child. You'll learn exactly how to manage those tricky in-the-moment battles in a calm and controlled way.


Time to press GO and put your plan into action! These lessons will support your as you implement the new strategies: I'll explain exactly what kind of reactions you can expect, and what to do about them. These modules will leave you feeling prepared, confident, and well-resourced. You'll work through difficult scenarios, learn about back-up plans, what to do if (or when) you get major push-back from your kids, and how to assess your approach. I'll also encourage you to give yourself a major pat on the back once you see things shifting in your family!

So who is this person you'll be hearing from in the course?

Hi there, I'm Kate Borsato, the creator of From Tech to Connect. I help families just like yours to achieve healthier balance when it comes to technology.

My career as a mental health counsellor has brought about a deep understand of what it means to support others through their difficulties, to challenge them when needed, and to motivate them to reach for what they truly want (all of which you will experience when we work together).

And what I believe matters equally is that I'm a mom too and I get it. I understand the challenges of managing technology in this buzzing digital world. I know the battle that kids put up if you try to change things. And I experience first-hand how awesome tech can be (and having an online business certainly makes tech-life balance an every-day challenge).

And through my work supporting other parents just like you, I know that we don't have to accept living in a zoned out, overly digital world. We don't have to tolerate disconnection and dissatisfaction with family life. We don't have to allow our kids to overuse technology just because most of their friends are.

You can create a lifestyle for your family where you benefit from the good that technology brings, while also enjoying a connected, healthy, and balanced home.

And no wonder parents are racking their brains for solutions! If you think about it, these tech-tech-realated challenges haven’t been around for that long, so people are still figuring this all out! But the hours it can take to scour the internet (or read piles of parenting books) in search of solutions can be less than productive and ultimately frustrating.

You need a well-informed, effective, and direct plan at your fingertips.

I also know that you are busy, overloaded, and working as hard as you can. No, you do not need to read a book, go to therapy, or spend thousands of dollars to solve this program.

And you don’t have to sift through a ton of information either. With these video lessons, you’ll can sit back and receive. I’m giving you a succinct plan that WILL work. I’ve thought about the most important pieces you need to make these changes so that you don’t have to.

All you need to do is be open-minded, motivated, and trust the process. You could do that, right?

Class Curriculum

  Course Introduction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1: Build Awareness
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: Create a Vision
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Develop Your Plan
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: Take Action & Monitor Change
Available in days
days after you enroll

Yes, it's true. I will give you a full refund after 45 days if you aren't satisfied with the course.

I am so confident with the system that I have created for you and I know that if you commit to the process, you will be thrilled with the results. And because of my confidence in this program, I'm offering you the guarantee that you'll get your money back if you aren't happy.

If you follow the outlined plan, complete the course and exercises, commit to the process and still aren't happy with the results, let's talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. That said, a reasonable timeline would be to complete the entire course within 4 weeks. This gives you time to integrate what you are learning, complete the exercises, implement strategies, and create change in your family. All of the content is available as soon as you buy, so ultimately you get to decide how quickly to progress.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 45 days and we can discuss giving you a full refund. I am confident that this program will be effective if you follow the steps and complete the course. So, if you complete the entire course within 45 days, follow the outlined interventions and are still unhappy with the course then let me know. The 45 days money-back guarantee apples for both payment options (full payment or payment plans) and ends 45 days after the first payment.
What if my partner doesn't want to do the course but I do? Is it still useful?
Absolutely! In fact, I talk about this exact challenge because it is so common. Usually one parent is more concerned than the other, and that's okay. I think it is incredibly useful to learn these strategies and raise your awareness about tech-related challenges so that you can share what you've learned with your partner. That said, being on the same page when it comes to enforcing boundaries is crucial, so consider whether your partner is likely to enforce the same rules that you decide on.
Can't I just get this information for free online?
I think we can find just about anything online these days if we spend enough time looking! But do we always find helpful, up-to-date information? Nope. Just know that there is a lot of incorrect and ineffective information out there that might just lead you to feel even more frustrated and hopeless. The main reason I created this course is to provide a well-informed, current, and effective system that takes a lot of the searching, guessing, and trial and error out of the equation.
Why wouldn't I just buy a book?
Good question! If you're anything like me, you probably don't want to spend hours and hours reading through yet another parenting book. Learning through e-courses is so popular these days because you are essentially being given a private lesson from the expert! Hearing my voice, the way I explain concepts, offer my understanding, and talk through exactly how you will manage this situation adds a layer that passively reading a book will never compare with.
This course would be a big investment. Is it worth the price?
The short answer: ABSOLUTELY! Let me walk you through what this kind of support would cost you if you were to see a counsellor in person. Essentially, I am providing all of the educational information and intervention strategies that I would offer clients in a face-to-face counselling session. With almost 6 hours of video content, I'd estimate that it would take between 12-15 sessions to deliver that same information in person. And on top of that, there is always much more time used up in counselling sessions getting to know one another, talking about the problem, building rapport, etc. So when we do the math, 12-15 counselling sessions at $150/hour would cost a family between $1,800 - $2,250! The other factor here is that everything I teach you with this course is yours to review forever! No worries about forgetting what I said, having to write things down, or needing to pay for more support down the road. It's all there for you to review.

You Have a Decision to Make...

You could keep trying to figure out this problem on your own by searching online, trying different approaches, talking to friends, all in hopes of reaching a solution.

You continue feeling hopeless, frustrated, discouraged, and disconnected.


You could sign up for this course and know that I've already done the research, planning, and trial and error FOR YOU!

Imagine your life just 4 weeks from now, where you can confidently say:

"I have more confidence and control as a parent"

"My child uses technology in a healthy way"

"I feel more connected to my family"

"I feel less frustrated with how technology is impacting my family's life"

"I am confident that I know how to manage these challenges in the future"

Which Do You Choose?

Get started now!